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Pet Prints

30 minute session
Please book an appointment in advance for pet prints.

We love doing pet prints - your furry friends are always welcome to visit the studio!

Our expert staff will help you with you choosing your items, advising on colours and designs, and get you the best prints.  

You can then choose between adding detail and decoration yourself, or our artists will finish the pieces to the highest standard, adding any writing, decoration and finishing touches you want.

See what we can offer below:

Prints on Pottery

What better way to celebrate your favourite member of the family than having a precious keepsake you can keep forever​

Our lovely team have had loads of practice getting the perfect prints from all pets so you won't have to struggle to do it yourselves - our jar of dog treats are the perfect distraction!

Our commission price starts from £5 per item which includes your preferred lettering and finishing touches. If you would like to personalise your item further additional commission prices will be added appropriately. 

Clay Imprints

Our Clay imprints are really well suited to pet prints! 

Pick a colour of your choice to make each piece of fur really stand out!!

Pet print plaques are available in two sizes:
Half with two paws for £40

Single with one print for £25.

All plaques are available with holes and ribbon to hang, or we sell disc hangers and plate stands depending how you wish to display them. Alternatively, you can ask us to frame them for an additional cost. 

Clay imprints take 2-4 weeks to be ready for collection, and we'll give you a call when they're available to pick up

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