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Baby Prints & Keepsakes

30 minute sessions
Please inform us if you would like to come in a group bigger than 4, and we can extend your session, and ensure we have plenty of space for your group. 
When booking, please state the total number of people coming for the session, including babies and children.

For babies 4 weeks old or under, it is not always possible to get handprints but footprints are adorable.

We love doing baby prints - and know they are a beautiful gift that will be treasured forever. Each of our pieces are individual and hand painted just for you.

Our expert staff will help you with you choosing your items, advising on colours and designs, and get you the best prints.  


You can then choose between adding detail and decoration yourself, or our artists will finish the pieces to the highest standard, adding any writing, decoration and finishing touches you want.

​Where possible we encourage bringing baby carriers and slings over push chairs to ensure everyone can move around the shop freely


Prints on Pottery

Your little one's prints on pottery make the perfect gift.  

​A vase for Granny or a biscuit barrel for Grandad - we have loads to choose from.

Our lovely team have had loads of practice getting the perfect prints from children of all ages, so you won't have to struggle to do it yourselves. 

Plus for all babies 6 weeks and under we will give you a free print coaster.

Our commission price starts from £5 per item which includes your preferred lettering and finishing touches. If you would like to personalise your item further additional commission prices will be added appropriately. 

Clay Imprints

With the prints in a gorgeous colour of your choosing you really get a feel for every line and detail of those little hands and feet on our clay imprints.
The plaques are available in 3 sizes: 
Full, two hands and two feet for £50
Half with a pair - two hands, two feet or one of each for £40
Singles with one print for £25.

All plaques are available with holes and ribbon to hang, or we sell disc hangers and plate stands depending how you wish to display them. Alternatively, you can ask us to frame them for an additional cost. 
Clay imprints take 2-4 weeks to be ready for collection, and we'll give you a call when they're available to pick up.

Plaster Outprints

Our plaster outprints are beautifully simple. They add a gentle touch of class to any room.  

Choose from two hands, two feet or one of each. The prints themselves are £50, or £75 if you wish to include a box frame.

Using really soft clay our experienced staff will gently make the impression using your little one's prints. Then we pour plaster in to create the mould.
As we have to do an imprint first, you can choose to have a half clay plaque (see above) for a reduced price of £25.00.

WOW Silver Handprint Jewellery

Perfect miniature replicas of your child's hand and footprints are used to make Wow Silver jewellery.

We are delighted to be Oxfordshire's stockist for Wow Silver, who make breathtaking pieces using a hand or footprint.

Prices start from £75 for a charm and £87 for a pendant. Cufflinks start from £110, and we can also do charm bracelets and keyrings.​​
  We take a print with a magic inkless wipe on thermal paper, which is made into beautiful silver jewellery.

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